Monday, November 25, 2013

Stephanie Nielson Update

Ever since I've discovered Instagram I love posting! I also love following other people. I've found a lot of local fashion Instagram's and a lot of musicians that have interesting products and lives! One person I follow is a good friend of my family, she's beautiful, and she has kids and a body that's flawless. I also found some other friends that sell clothing and have the best taste is fashion. It's interesting to find local societies that throw local parties and events that talk about music, fashion and books.  Their lives look magical, they grace every picture and followers comment with Ahh!

As I was following these amazing posts I came across this lady named Stephanie Nielson. Stephanie was in a plane crash with her husband who was flying the plane. She was severely burnt and suffers from severe burns on her body; although her husband suffered from burns as well, he didn't have as negative effects as she did.  As I read her blog, an extreme amount of love came over me, she has five beautiful kids, she has amazing style, and she loves God and loves being a mother. Her husband loves her despite what the plane crash has done to her body.  As I read her blog I heard a voice that said "she is the real deal! She is beautiful beyond measure; you’re blessed to know this!"  All the sudden those other posts I followed didn't seem impressive anymore, Stephanie is the real deal, she didn't let her accident take over her life and fill her with depression, she rises above all the blank stares when others see her, her heart overpowers her opposition.  Most of us carry our struggles on the inside, she carries hers on the outside but her spirit shines through her wounds. She is clearly beautiful!  

I found myself wanting to be more like her; she values the most important calling as a woman and does it with grace.  I'm currently writing a song about Stephanie Nielson because she inspires me to be better. If you’re interested in hearing any of my music releases, visit my website and sign up for my newsletter to receive new releases and upcoming events at  Until then, check this amazing lady out for yourself!

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