Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Demi Lovato catch me full song with lyrics, If you love Demi Lovato's "Catch Me Full" song, you'll love Maxine Soakai's music.

“What keeps you going?”  Someone asked me today what keeps me going in a hard industry.  I have to say the love of music is what inspires me to keep pushing forward.  Music is not just a hobby that I enjoy doing, it's life.  My world is surrounded with music, it brings me peace, it calms my nerves, and helps me find joy in the journey of life.  Hobbies are things people enjoy doing in their spare time; music is what I make time for. 

To anyone and everyone who has a love or passion for “something”, keep doing it!! My passion is music, and I’ll keeping doing it in this life and the next. 

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