Thursday, November 21, 2013

David archuleta lds music

If you enjoy David Archeulta's music you'll love Maxine Soakai's!

Ok, so today I was in my sports conditioning class (sweating like theirs no tomorrow) when a song came on that triggered my mind, this song enticed me to work a little less and shorten my range of motion. Could this really be!? Could music really have an effect on my body!?  Obviously it does, whether we notice it or not. It brought me back to a belief I have always had: music must be motivating, feed the soul no matter what a person's doing, the tempo of the song, and what emotion it entices.  Truthfully, dirty music entices dirty thoughts that have no positive effects on the soul, and of course our "famous" society focuses on music that does exactly that.

For those who love real music, we all know that music must push us to better than we are, it must take us down memory lane and helps us keep to our roots.  Music must help us through hard times and get us through those days that seem impossible. Music must inspire our souls when are bodies can no longer go on.

In defense of music, fame and fortune has killed real music that helped us live! My goal in life is to find real music that's good and that helps me feel again. I want to find music artists that create works of art, not "money making songs that only entertain us rather than effect us. I'm a lover of music, and artists as well. I want to create songs that others want to put on repeat, and hopefully I can take real life experiences and inspire others to feel again.

Here's a song that I wrote with a good friend of mine called 'Sailing'. This song could fit any person's dreams, hopes and wishes.  Give it a listen! 

If you enjoy David Archeulta's music you'll love Maxine Soakai's! 

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