Friday, November 22, 2013

Paying for People's Groceries

Tonight's been crazy windy! I didn't even leave my house because I was afraid my car was going to blow over (figurative speaking). So I decided to stay home and chill for awhile while my family was out and about.  I came across a video my friend posted on facebook where this guy who lives in my area does videos every week and has a large following, he teamed up with some business owners who decided they would pay for people's groceries.  It was touching! It was a fresh reminder of what life is truly about. 

As a entertainer I love the entertainment industry. I'm not opposed to anything that makes people better, or helps pass time.  I love watching reality shows, following blogs, tapping into the fashion channel, or seeing what's hot and what's not, but sometimes we get so caught up in reality shows, or fashion blogs and we forget what's real.  I loved watching this YouTube because it was a wake up call that life is not about "keeping up", it's about creating special moments for people. So often I find myself looking for ways to improve myself or rejuvenate my spirit that I forget to live. A man once told me "learning to live is learning to love, and learning to love is learning to live for others."

Living for others doesn't mean to give people everything they need, it means helping other people with small deeds that might have been hard for them, but is easy for us.  True service doesn't call when we are available, it calls when were usually busy. Time is valuable, but kindness is the essence of greatness.  The video I watched reminds me a of a song I wrote called 'Kingdom'. I like to sing about helping others and just doing what's right. Give it a listen here on my website 

And if you haven't seen the video I'm taking about, check it out! 

IPaying for People's Groceries LAHWF 

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