Tuesday, November 26, 2013

David archuleta crush music download

If you like David Archuletas download Crush; you’ll love Maxine Soakais Music!!

I've been working on my studio this week; I'm planning on many YouTube’s and singles to be released in 2014.  Life gets so busy with family, school and music, I find myself losing sleep in order to do what I love.  

Music is more of an outlet for me then it is a job. I've always loved collaborating and producing music with others but now I have an opportunity to create my own little videos, interviews, and single release parties.  

I'm grateful for music and the opportunities it's brought to my life, along with the people I've been able to associate with. The coolest thing about music is that it brings all different types of people together. I enjoy meeting people from all different walks of life and this year I'll be able to share that with you.

Alot of damage can be done with a white wall and some speakers! :)

If you haven't heard my music please visit MaxineSoakai.com and get a free download of 'Stand in the Rain'. Also stay tuned for upcoming events, new releases and online shows.

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