Thursday, June 19, 2014

singer rihanna, If you love the singer Rihanna you'll love Maxine Soakai!

I had a cool experience recently; I received a phone call from one of my fans asking why I’m not famous.  I’ve had many people ask me that question throughout my life. Not to bore anyone to death with a long story I can say I was down that track but it wasn't for me.  The entertainment industry is not all what it's cracked up to be or what we think it is. Many people have given up everything they once believed in to get where they are today.  Not all music artists had to do that, some have had great experiences doing it the right way, but most have had to change who they were as a person.  

Unfortunately my experiences with being signed twice weren't great.  I decided a long time before I started making music that I would never give up my morals and values for things that are not of worth.  Because of this I have found so much happiness and joy and I’ll continue to find joy as I work harder towards my goals as an artist.  If anything that I’ve just mentioned sparked your interest to listen to my music, then please feel a little bit of what I’m talking about by visiting and getting a free download of “Stand in the Rain” today!!  “Stand in the Rain” is a song about never giving up on something you have always believed.  Until then Ofaz!! 

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