Thursday, June 5, 2014

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So much to do so little time!! I find myself wanting to do everything but at the same time I’m learning to sit my bottom in one seat at a time, as much as I would like to do 20 different things at the same time I’m learning to do the most important things first, and leave the rest for later if the day runs out.  

Lately I’ve decided to do more service for others, nothing big just simple things like walking a neighbor around the block or babysitting someone’s kids.  It’s amazing how much knowledge I’ve gained from doing this and how much it has inspired me to want to write more music.

As I help others, I listen to their life stories and it makes me want to write a song for them, Lol! I know it’s funny, but it amazes me how many inspiring people there are in the world.  Either way they have definitely benefited and inspired me more then they’ll ever know.  With that said, it’s time to hit the home studio I’ve been working on.  My recording studio/writing room is coming along slowly but at least it’s coming along.  Wish me lots of luck as I learn new ways to bring my listeners more music!  Until then Ofa atu!!

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