Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If you like Kelly Clarkson, John Legend or Demi Lovato! Checkout Maxine Soakai's music!

Wutzup world!!! It’s been a while but I’m finished with school until fall semester, and I’m bouncing with happiness!  Lately I've been collaborating with other local music artists around these parts and it’s been a blast! It’s amazing how much talent I’m surrounded by!  I’m grateful I get the chance to work with like-minded individuals as myself, in doing something we all love. 

Music is a big part of my happiness, it’s not my life but it brings me the most joy next to my religion and family.  I’m recently working on a single called Never Surrender; it’s about a mother who raised children in a refugee camp and never lost faith and hope in God, or life.  I'm so grateful for mothers who love and care for their children, slowly mothers are losing sight of what’s really important because they're trying to keep up with worldly cares, but thank goodness for those mothers who never forget what's really important!!  

I’ll be releasing “Never Surrender” next month along with a music video.  Stay tuned by signing up for my monthly newsletters, shows, and new releases at 

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