Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kelly clarkson music free

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Well I’m back to the grind of things!  It’s amazing how much effort and energy it takes for a person to accomplish their goals and dreams.  I've recently been reading this awesome book called the Power of Consistency, it’s a great read for those who love motivational books and are interested in business.  The writer is beyond inspiring and he mentions my all-time favorite writer Steven R Covey throughout his book.

This book has really helped me get motivated lately.  It’s always good to read and listen to things that inspire a person to be a better, or helps them get closer to their dreams.   A lot of time we believe that dreams come true because of luck or who we know, and while that might be the case, most success comes from consistently doing things that bring us closer to who we want to become.   As a music artist I’m always looking for things that inspire me to write great songs, it’s beneficial for me to find books, music, blogs, stories, anything that will make me a better songwriter.  As I come to learn more about inspiring people and things, I’ll be able to reach my goals and be the person who I have always dreamed of being.

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