Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Hits

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It’s been a busy month for me. I've been working on a Christmas album and setting up my studio for videos all along with all the work load of life.  I love Christmas time; it brings back great memories of my childhood, I can still smell my mom’s lemon bars and braided breads, she has always been an amazing cook.  I can also hear my sister jamming out on her keyboard to songs she wrote throughout the year.  As kids, my sister and I would sing all night until morning, my relatives would come over with food and camp out on the living room floor and listen to my sister and I sing all kinds of songs, we knew how to rock a house at a young age. I sure do miss those days! 

Christmas time triggers so many memories that inspire me to write music. The melodies and lyrics always come easy at this time of year and I feel myself wanting to record more.  As an artist I hope I can pass on these great memories through my music, and help others feel and remember their own good memories.  It’s been a gift to re-trigger memories through my music. I often get emails from others saying how much this song meant to them, or how they can relate to a specific song.  

Music has truly blessed my life and I thank The One above who blessed me with it.  It seems fitting that most of my best songs I've wrote have come to me during the holiday that we remember Christ. May we always remember Christ in everything we do!

Happy Holiday! May the season bring you great joy and great music!

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